It’s time for a simple Pico de Gallo recipe . It does not require too much to think about, but you can combine how to use it in an infinite number of ways. Perfect for tacos or tortilla! The traditional recipe for Pico De Gallo:


  • 2  pieces of  tomato
  • 1/2   onion pieces
  • 1  pc of  jalapeno peppers
  • 15-20  pieces of  coriander  (parsley)
  • 1  piece of  lime  (juice)
  •  salt  (about 1/2 teaspoon maximum)

Wash the vegetables thoroughly. We throw away thicker stems of coriander (parsley). 
When it comes to Jalapeno, we start with half, because it all depends on the focus of the pepper (avoid habaneros).

Finely chop tomatoes, onions, peppers and coriander, and then put in a bowl.

Add lime juice and salt. Mix well.

Try it! Pico de Gallo achieves its full potential when tomatoes interact with other ingredients and are not terribly perceptible. So if you feel the taste of tomato, add more onions, jalapeno or lime .

* When the ingredients are balanced, Pico has a slight effervescent taste acting miracles in many types of dishes. In sandwiches, nachos, tortilla, or in tacos or on toast.

** Serve immediately or store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

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