Pumpkin marmalade is a perfect preserve suitable for sandwiches, muffins, cakes and cakes, but it is also an excellent addition to cold cuts, mature or spicy cheeses. Take advantage of the autumn season and follow the recipe to prepare the preparations available throughout the year!


  • 1  kg of  pumpkin
  • 1  pc of  lemon
  • 2  g  cinnamon
  • 350  g  sugar  (can be less)
  • 60  ml  amaretto liquor
  •  nutmeg  (to taste)

If you want to make pumpkin jam, cut the pumpkin into slices, remove seeds and peel, and then cut the pulp into a small cube. Place the pumpkin cubes in a pot and add sugar. Mix and cover with a lid. Allow to macerate overnight (or at least 12 hours). After finishing the maceration, add the cinnamon, liqueur, grated nutmeg, lemon zest, as well as 40 g of filtered lemon juice to the pumpkin. Cook the pumpkin for about 1 hour on low heat. Lightly blend with a blender, leaving a few pieces of pumpkin. Boil to obtain the right consistency. When the jam is ready, put it still hot into the jars, taking care to leave about 1 cm of space from the edge. Spin. According to the original recipe, you do not have to pasteurize, the heat of jam will create a vacuum that will protect our jam after cooling. However, I boiled 10 minutes for jam and cooled Your pumpkin jam is ready to try! 

* The jars should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from sources of light and heat. It is recommended to wait at least 2-3 weeks before eating jam.

** you can add a smaller amount of sugar because it comes out quite sweet

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