Three checked places with Tiramisu in Rome

You will find many places with this famous Italian dessert, but there are those that stand out and attract you again and again. It has always been charming with its taste, texture, it just melts in your mouth.

During my last stay in this Eternal City, I tried this delicacy in the most famous places. I admit that it was interesting to enter the confectionery in which the specialty was only tiramisu in many casings, and somewhere on the other side coffee and other sweets available.

I admit that tiramisu and ice cream were two of my favorite desserts and meals during my stay in Rome, where I spent seven wonderful days and visited everything I could for the least amount of money I could.

The order of the places is from the best of me to the slightly weaker, but equally good.

1. Zum

When I read about Zum, I knew that I had to visit this cafe. I like tiramisu very much. I love them and it happened to me (recipe in desserts), so the thought of entering the tiramisu paradise in the Italian capital was euphoric. 

If you are wondering why it is called Zum, it is an abbreviation for the key ingredients of tiramisu: zucchero (sugar), uovo (egg) and mascarpone (cheese). Clever, right?

The cafe is modern and small but cozy. After entering two things fall into the eye immediately. First of all, there is a dessert laboratory. It’s a magical place. Behind a large glass pane, you can see how desserts are whipped and layered. Secondly, there is a cabinet in which all varieties of fresh tiramisu are located, and really have many flavors 1): classic, amaretto, marsala, pistachio; fruit and Gusto Zum (biscuits and hazelnuts), or rum.

In addition, there was also an independent fridge, in which there were other desserts. They all looked fantastic.

I ate here twice. I tried the classic tiramisu with freshly roasted coffee and rum tiramisu at the next visit. Each time I could not wait to have a teaspoon in dessert, it looked so amazingly appetizing. 

It was perfect! Mascarpone was sweet and creamy. The sponge cake inside was moist and soaked in coffee, but it was not soggy. Everything about this tiramisu was balanced. SIMPLY WANTED TO EAT! I enjoyed every bite, so Zum was undoubtedly the best choice.

I was happy to watch the confectioner in action. It was like a dessert and a show at the same time!

Of course I fell in love with Zum. I would like to try more delicacies, especially other flavors and tiramisu cookies! But unfortunately my appetite and wallet would not let me do it anymore. Zum certainly set the bar high and I will definitely come back to this place if I will be in Rome again.

ZUM / my photo

2. Pompi

Everyone is talking about Tiramisu from Pompia and they boast photos from this place (or rather places, because there are several of them). Probably the most famous tiramisu in Rome.  

Pompi is known as il regno del tiramisu , or the kingdom of tiramisu. Fridges are filled with boxes of elegant tiramisu desserts in various sizes and flavors. A lot of people, tourists, sits near the premises and enjoys the delicacy straight from the boxes, and you can enjoy them throughout the year.

While the place itself is not especially charming and so atmospheric as in UTE, then taking a convenient take-away box you could enjoy the taste of tiramisu in the place of your choice, even on the Spanish Steps.

The choice of flavors was as large as in the Storage Customer. The box contained a large, rectangular piece of fresh tiramisu (I tried classic and with fruit of the forest) and a small plastic spoon. The dessert was quite impressive and calmly satisfied the palate.

Cream perfectly creamy, sponge biscuits not soggy, so it remained to delight the taste.

The advantage of Pompi is also that they have several locations, hence you do not have to travel across the city to find a cafe. However, due to the less climatic place in the middle, she found herself in a lower position.

If not to love ZUM, Pompi would probably take first place.

Pompi / my photo

3. Two size

This is an inconspicuous shop, a cafe, next to Piazza Navona. It is located in a narrow street and it is not difficult to get there. I must admit, however, that there is quite a small space there, so it’s hard to get inside.

In addition to the classic tiramisu are available versions with pistachios, cream caramel (cousin of our milk pudding), strawberry and peanuts.

All were served only in  two sizes, smaller and larger, and in addition in charming cups (unfortunately plastic, but this dessert more takeaway). 

I tried the traditional tiramisù cream and I can say that he was one of the best in Rome: cream, sweetness properly balanced and wanted more.

In the middle you will also find other traditional Italian desserts, like the Sicilian canolo, but this Tiramisu enjoys the greatest popularity

Probably if I was even longer in Rome, I would go there again and try a different taste, but I’m delighted.

Tiramisu and Rome, there is no option not to try 

I do not have a weak photo of another


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