Traditional Granny Doughnuts (Polish doughnuts)

I remember the time when i was going to grandma’s and she prepared doughnuts. I was only assisting and observing. She was preparing the dough, making doughnuts, and my mother was frying.

They were not like shop-puffed ones. They are more compact, but without any weird additions or conditioners. Just yeast.

About 40 medium-sized doughnuts will come out of the portions below. You will make smaller, there will be more.

Be careful that the marmalade does not leak, the fat reacts badly to it.


  • 1kg of flour
  • 10 dag fresh yeast
  • 10-15 dag of sugar
  • 1/2 l of milk
  • 7 yolks
  • 1 egg
  • salt
  • 10 dag butter or margarine (5-6 tablespoons oil)
  • vanilla sugar
  • 1 glass (50ml) of vodka
  • 1 glass (50ml) of rum (or additional vodka)
  • lemon skin
  • 1-1.5kg fat for frying (preferably lard, possibly oil)
  • powdered sugar
  • marmalade, chocolate, nutella

Prepare the leaven. Grind the yeast with 1 tablespoon of sugar, 20dag of flour and slightly warmed milk (about half the recipe milk). The density of the leaven should resemble cream. Set aside to a warm place to rise.

Beat egg and yolks with sugar, a pinch of salt, vanilla sugar until fluffy.

Sift flour, add eggs, leaven , lemon zest, remaining milk and alcohol. Knead the dough until smooth and uniform.

Pour in fat and knead for a while. The dough should not be too thick, it will be sticky. If necessary, sprinkle some flour.

Peel the dough from the sides of the bowl, align and leave to rise (about 30-60min).

Prepare the board and table top for donuts. Separately, put a cloth on the countertop, on which you will lay donuts.

My and my grandmother’s way of donuts: you take a piece of cake. You knead and stretch a bit. You put a marmalade with a spoon, stretch the dough over it and cut out a glass of donut. Ready!

Method two: Spoon portions of dough with a spoon. You make a disc. You put marmalade and tighten the edges to form a ball.

Place the ready donuts on a cloth. During this time, you warm up fat.

Donuts should rise for a moment on the cloth. Only then do we put on hot fat.

Fry the brown color until gold and turn it over. We lay out on paper towels to get rid of excess fat.

Sprinkle with powdered sugar. Bon Appetit!

* alcohol is added to the dough so that it does not absorb large amounts of fat

** use marmalade, but you can replace it with nutella, chocolate

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