This simple cranberry sauce requires only a few ingredients, but it has enough flavor to add excitement to a meal, not just a holidat one.

The sauce works well with both hot meat (e.g. baked ham) but this is very good with cheese or sausage.

I prefer a more sour taste so I give less sugar.


  • fresh cranberry (about 100g, but it depends how much you have)
  • 1  orange
  • 1/3 cup sugar (the more, the sweeter)
  • water

Put 1/3 cup sugar and a glass of water in a medium pot. Stir to combine and boil.

Rinse the cranberry. When the water and sugar boil, add the cranberry. Bring to a boil, at which point the cranberry will begin to crack.

When all the cranberries pop out, mix it and reduce the temperature to a weaker level. The sauce should boil for about 5 minutes or until the cranberry completely disintegrates.

At this time, grate the orange peel and add to the sauce. Squeeze the juice and also add to the cranberry.

Heat for a while until you get a slightly denser character. Remove from heat and cool down.


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